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Image productions

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Image repository sites 


iOS image repository apps 


Android image repository apps  




Other image sites


Image editing tools 


Selecting Images: Visual Rhetoric


Video clips


Image tagging/editing systems

  • Del.icio.us: a “social bookmarking site,”allowing users to save and tag web pages and resources
  • Yahoo! My Web2.0 : similar to Del.icio.us, but including a social network of contacts
  • MediaMatrix: tool developed at MATRIX: The Center for Humane Arts, Letters, and Social Sciences Online at Michigan State University for capturing, storing, editing, and annotating video clips/images
  • iTunes: site for feeds/viewing of videos
  • eSnips: for capturing, storing, and editing video clips
  • Mefeedia: RSS feed site for collecting and viewing videoblogs
  • VlogDir: another RSS site/directory for videoblogs
  • FireAnt: another RSS site/directory for videoblogs


For teaching teaching techniques on capturing/using images/clips


Using Images in the Classroom

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