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Using Blogs in the Classroom

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Using Blogs in the Classroom


Blogging in the Classroom


Elements of Blogging


A Rationale for Writing and Teaching about Blogs. NCTE


How to Inspire a New Generation of Writers Through Blogging. KQED Education


Three Reasons Students Should Be Blogging. Instructional Tech Talk


A Glossary of Blogging Terminology


64 Online Tools for Writers, Bloggers, and Authors


Using blog posts to foster metacognition reflection


Sue Waters: The Current State of Educational Blogging


Wesley Fryer: Classroom Blogging Options (August 2015)


Blogging Is the New Persuasive Essay


Why Teachers and Students Should Blog


Use Blogging for Reflection and Assessment


Richard Byrne, A Guide to Blogging

Blogging Resources for Teachers, CTQ


Using Blogs to Collaborate and Share


Examples of the Best Kids Blogs to Inspire Teens


The Classroom Blog: Enhancing Critical Thinking, Substantive Discussion, and Appropriate Online Interaction


Hart, M. (2015). Why blogging is the future of higher education. Campus Technology


Video: The Possibilities of Student Blogging 


Pamela Hunnisett: Blogging: Engage the Voice of the Student


Ian O'Byrne: Building a Blogosphere for Program and Student Evaluation and Communication


Three Ways My Students Blog and Why It's Awesome.  Three Teachers Talk


Pernille Ripp: Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension 


Sue Waters: The State of Educational Blogging in 2013.  The Edublogger.


Sue Waters: The State of Educational Blogging in 2012.  The Edublogger. 


Sue Waters: Getting More Out of Student Blogging 


Zhao, R.  (2013).  Introducing blogs into a developmental writing class.  Computers and Composition.


Agonistic Debate on a Course Blog


Writing To Learn in Digital Spaces, Langwitches Blog 

Richard Byrne, Blogging for Reluctant Writers: Having Students Share their Ideas Using Sound and Video. The Digital Shift


Implementing Blogging in the Classroom: Useful info-graphic download 


10 Reasons Your Students Should be Blogging 


14 Steps to Meaningful Blogging 


Alex Reid, Why Blog, in Writing Spaces: Readings about Writing, Vol. 2. 


Teaching commenting skills 


Shelfster: Collect and organize files for importing into blog posts 


Sue Waters: Reflections on teaching blogs  


Sue Waters: What You Wanted to KNOW about Student Blogging


Teachers Teaching Teachers: a 15 week blogging curriculum


Lindsay Jordan: Video: Blogging with Students


Spiro Bolas: Slideshow: Blogging for the Classroom


Anthologize: Create pdf files of Wordpress blog posts to create books


Jeff Utecht: Blogs as "containers" of student work


Jeff Utecht: Using blogs to track students' independent reading


Support Blogging: organization: wiki site


100 Blogs that Should be Required Reading in College


Zawilinski, L. (2009, May). HOT Blogging: A Framework for Blogging to Promote Higher Order Thinking. The Reading Teacher, 62(8), 650–661: Blogging with elementary students


Tammy Worcester: Using email to submit blog posts to Blogger


Anne Baird: Blogs in Education


Blogging as Pedagogical Practice Across the Curriculum


Video: Teachers TV: ICT for the Non-specialist: Blogs and Wikis


Blog posts about demographics of Minneapolis neighborhoods


Langwitches: Blogging Lesson Plans


Kim Cofino: Blogging is Elementary


The Edublogger: Tips on Blogging with Students


Michigan State University: Blogs for Learning


Quentin D'Souza, Teaching Hacks, Weblogs in Education


David Warlick: Educators Guide to Blogging


Blogs in Education


Edublogger: Teachers share their uses of blogs in the classroom


Video: Blogging in the Classroom


Darren Rowse: 17 Principles of Building Good Relationships with Bloggers


The Geoblogging Project: Linking blogs to places through Google Maps


ClassroomBlogging: Classroom activities


Julie Sturgeon, Five Don'ts of Classroom Blogging, T.H.E. Journal, 2008


Troy Hicks: Blogging: What, Where, When, and How


Video: Nick Pernisco: Using Blogs in the Classroom


Terry Freedman: wiki for teachers discussing blogging


M. C. Morgan: How Blogging Changes Writing


Tom Johnson, I'd Rather Be Writing: 20 usability tips for blogging


University of Texas Writing Program: Blogging Pedagogy


Learning Technologies: Special Issue on using blogs in the classroom


Paul Allison, Teachers Teaching Teachers: podcast: Hard Questions for Teachers Teaching Blogging


The Year of the Blog: Using Weblogs in the Writing Classroom


Davis, A., & McGreal, E. (2007). Lessons learning from blogging with elementary and university students. NECC paper.


Huffaker, D. (2005). The educated blogger: Using weblogs to promote literacy in the classroom


Anne Davie: Learn to Blog, Blog to Learn


Anne Davis: Using blogs in education


Nancy White, Blogs and Community


Alan November: podcast on using blogs for fostering global communication


Blogging Pedagogy


Teresa Coffman and Lisa Ames: Blogging in Education


Barbara Ganley, EDUCAUSE PP presentation: The World is Flat: Using Blogs and Skype to Promote Communities of Learners and Cultural Literacy


Williams, J. B., & Jacobs, J. (2004). Exploring the use of blogs as learning spaces in the higher education sector. Australiasian Journal of Technology, 20(2).


Ann Davis: Improving Instruction Through the Use of Weblogs: Language Arts Examples


Read Write Think Lesson: Blogtopia: Blogging about Your Own Utopia


Author Sue Monk Kidd and Will Richardson Blog about The Secret Life of Bees



Paul Allison's students blogging at East Side Community High School, New York City

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Paul Allison: Students Blogging with Self-selected Content

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