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Selecting Images: Visual Rhetoric


David Blakesley, Purdue University, course on visual rhetoric


Visual Rhetoric Portal


Online Visual Literacy Project: Pomona College


Nortel Learning: Video tutorials: working with digital images


Webdoc: Collect and combine image and text into a single site



Creating "layered" augmented reality images: juxtapose images onto physical sites





Online images






Five Top Search Tools for Finding Flickr Images for Use in Education


Anne Davis: Flickr Fun


Fotoview: Create 3-D galleries of Flickr images


FlickrStorm: Search for Creative Commons Flickr images


Compfight: Search for Creative Commons Flickr images


Google Apps: Visigami for Mac: Search for images on Flickr, Picasa, Google, etc.


The Edublogger: Adding Flickr Images to your Blog


Piclens: Firefox add-on for viewing images


Brooklyn Museum: Flickr photostreams


Powerhouse Museum: Flickr photostreams




Other image sites


Google Image Search


Google Image Search: Search for Creative Commons images


NCTE Blog: 21 Great Library Links: Library image databases


Wikipedia: Public Domain Image Resources


Alta Vista Image Search


Yahoo Picture Gallery


World Digital Library


Google: Life Photo Album: Images from Life Magazine


WPClipart: Public domain images for integrating into word-processing texts


TinEye: Reverse image search engine: Submit an image to acquire information about that image




Anne Blecksmith: online public image databases


Minnesota Reflections: 45,000 images about Minnesota


Electronic Library for Minnesota: Materials and texts for Minnesota residents


MyGreatWorld: World map with images from different countries


Image Search Engines


Copyrightfriendly images


Wikipedia: Public domain image resources


Sean Aune: 30+ Places to Find Creative Commons Media


Open Clip Art


Hypercities: find images from certain cities


Minnesota Digital Library












Stupeflix: Upload images and video to create professional videos


Ditto.com: The Place for Pictures


NYPL Digital Gallery


Lycos Richmedia


New York Times Multimedia


Pics4 Learning


Pic Search


Proteus Image Search (combined search interface)


Web SEEk: Content-based Image and Video Search and Catalog Tool for the Web


American Photography: A Century of Images


Classroom Clip Art


Image Finder (UC Berkeley)


Image Request


Morgue File


Pixel Perfect Digital


Open Photo


Image After


PD Photo


49 PM Photo Search






Free Foto


CC Search


Gimp Savvy


Free Photographs Network


Free Stock Photos.com


Free Images.com




Free Photos.com


Creating Online Gallery








Image Base






Matador: travel site for sharing images of places


Burning Well.org




Free Photos Bank




Stockcache Gallery


Google: National Archives footage


Flickr's Creative Commons images


Ditto.com: image database searchable by keyword; includes URL for seeking permissions


Photoblogs.org: links to thousands of photography blogs


Raster/Vectro Free Images page




Constant Camera





Creating screen-capture images


Aviary: Create screen images by adding aviary.com at end of URL



Video clips


Google Video




Internet Archive




Daily Motion




ForaTV: video clips related to current events/news


Picasa: for sharing and organizing images



Image tagging/editing systems


Del.icio.us: a “social bookmarking site,”allowing users to save and tag web pages and resources


Yahoo! My Web2.0 : similar to Del.icio.us, but including a social network of contacts


MediaMatrix: tool developed at MATRIX: The Center for Humane Arts, Letters, and Social Sciences Online at Michigan State University for capturing, storing, editing, and annotating video clips/images


iTunes: site for feeds/viewing of videos


eSnips: for capturing, storing, and editing video clips


Mefeedia: RSS feed site for collecting and viewing videoblogs


VlogDir: another RSS site/directory for videoblogs


FireAnt: another RSS site/directory for videoblogs



For teaching teaching techniques on capturing/using images/clips


Terry Freedman (2005), Photo-sharing and Clip-art




Paula Berinstein, Finding Images Online: A Directory of Web Image Sites



Using Images in the Classroom


Smith College Imaging & Communication Center


Inserting images into Google Docs


Barbara Ganley: writing stories without words


The Right To Image


Kid's Image Search Tools


Classroom Clipart


Using Pictures in Lessons


Citing Images and Pictures


Visual rhetoric assignments: ways of using visual images in writing assignment

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