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Digital Storytelling


Digital storytelling resources and teaching methods


Website for Joe Lambert, Digital Storytelling, 4th ed. (links, resources, examples) 


Amy Goodloe, Digital Storytelling, Digital Writing 101


8 Tips for Helping Students Tell Stories in a Digital Media World.  TeachThought 


Digital Storytelling resources 


Digital Storytelling Wiki based on a DS106 course in 2011 


Digital Storytelling: Tutorial in 10 Easy Steps 


University of Minnesota: One Digital Storytelling Resources 


Amy Goodloe: Digital Media Composition, Digital Writing 101


Video series: How New Media is Transforming Storytelling 


Digital Storytelling resources


Center for Digital Storytelling


Wesley Fryer: Digital Storytelling on a Shoestring


Llano Grande Center: Digital Storytelling toolkit


Video: Literacy, ELL, and Digital Storytelling


Mike Fisher: Digital Storytelling in the Classroom


Zooburst: Create 3D pop-up illustrations for literature


David Somoza, How To Create your own Multimedia Adventure, Edutopia Magazine


Digital Storytelling for one's great-grandchildren


Participatory Media Literacy: Digital Storytelling Resources


Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives, Ohio State University


International Society for Technology in Education: Digital Storytelling SIG


Bryan Alexander & Alan Levine, Web 2.0 Digital Storytelling: Emergence of a New Genre, Educause Review, 43(6), 2008.


Troy Hicks: Workshop on digital storytelling


Alan Levine: 50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story


Debbie Maxwell: Timeless Tales Project: Retelling classical stories


Seven Elements of Digital Storytelling


Game Writers: Foundations of Interactive Storytelling


Academic Commons: Involving Students in Digital Storytelling


Karen Feldman, Digital Storytelling Brings New Dimensions to Reading and Writing


Bernard Robin: Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling


Melbourne 2051 at Victoria University: combines writing with digital storytelling


Scott County Public Schools, Kentucky: digital storytelling


Video in the classroom.com: Digital storytelling in the elementary school


Fred Midlin: digital storytelling resources


Brian Lamb: 50 Ways to Tell a Story


MIT Comparative Media Studies 610 course on Interactive Storytelling


Wikibooks: Digital Storytelling


Kevin Hodgson and Bonnie Kaplan: The Collaborative ABC Project: Using Technology to Tell Stories


Podcast: The Digital Story


Hayes, R., & Matusov, E. (2005). From ‘ownership’ to dialogic addressivity: Defining successful digital storytelling projects, Technology, Humanities, Education, Narrative (THEN) Journal


TechLearning: Telling Tales with Technology


BudtheTeacher: podcast: Using digital storytelling in the classroom


Digital storytelling at the elementary level


digital storytelling with ESL students using VideoQue Pro and Green Screen techniques


Alan Davis, Co-authoring identity: Digital storytelling in an urban middle school. THEN Journal.


Wesley Fryer: Digital Storytelling: Empowering The Student Writing Process


Wesley Fryer: TeachDigital: digital storytelling resources


Bernajean Porter, Digitales


Renée Hayes & Eugene Matusov, From "ownership" to dialogic addressivity: Defining successful digital storytelling projects. THEN Journal.


Traci Gardner, Writing technology autobiographies, ReadWriteThink


Hilary McLellan: Digital storytelling resources


Tom Banaszewski: Blog on digital storytelling


Blog: Using Technology to Tell Stories


Digital autodrama


Hellen Barrett: E-portfolios and digital storytelling


Digital Storytelling Finds Its Place in the Classroom by Tom Banaszewski


Digital Storytelling in Scott County Public Schools


Tendero, A. (2006). Facing versions of the self: The effects of digital storytelling on English education. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 6(2)


Elliott, J. (2006). Students tell their stories digitally. The Voice, National Writing Project.




Programs for creating digital storytelling


Best Free Digital Storytelling Tools for Teachers 


Online Resources for Digital Storytelling


Web-based Digital Storytelling Tools


Digital Storytelling with the iPad


Digital Writing Software: Lots of commercial and free software


Discovery Learning: The Hub: Storytelling for Grades 2-6 


100 Digitalstorytelling tools


Story Creator


Digitalstorytelling4Everyone: Tools for digital storytelling


Storify: Create a news story with material from the Web


Storybird: for younger students


Flicktion: Combine Flickr + fiction


Zooburst: Create 3D pop-up illustrations for literature


Microsoft: Digital Storytelling Teacher Guide


Memoov: Create animated videos up to five minutes




Delaware Art Museum: The Art of Storytelling: create stories based on artwork


Umajin: Tool for creating digital storytelling


StoryChasers: Create documentaries about local stories


Using VoiceThread for Digital Storytelling in Schools


Jo Evans: Creating digital storytelling links


Digital storytelling with Plurk microblog


FluxTime Studio: Creating online animation


Apple Learning Network: Creating Biographical Stories and Poems using Keynote


Angela Thomas: SlideShare: Machinima as Multimodal Digital Storytelling


StoryMash: writing collaborative fiction


StoryTop: Create narratives (for younger students)



Examples of digital storytelling


Teaching Students to be Multimedia Storytellers 


TeachingTeachers: Digital storytelling 


Alex Couros: Lots of resources on and examples of digital storytelling 


University of Houston: Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling


University of Houston: The Seven Elements of Storytelling


New York Times lesson: Writing short literary texts based on Twitter


Llano Grande Center: Digital Storytelling toolkit


University of Maryland, Baltimore County: Digital Storytelling


Hilary McClelland: Digital storytelling methods


Digital Explorations: Digital storytelling by a town


Apple Learning Exchange: Digital Storytelling


Chip Bruce: Digital storytelling in Irish schools


Digital Story Station: California Stories


Shyam Sharm: A Digital Story


Rodney Dixon: Spoken Word University


Stories For Change: Boston-based project on digital storytelling


Jamie Myers: Hypermedia authoring


University of Texas, San Antonio, Scribe Initiative: DigitalStorySwap


Digital Arts Alliance


Awesome Stories: stories in history or current events for use in digital storytelling


We Tell Stories: Six authors tell six stories


Digital storytelling and literature created by preservice English teachers, University of Minnesota, Winter, 2008


Digital Stories.org


Hypercities: narratives and images from selected cities


Current TV: Video storytelling


University of Houston Art Education: Digital Storytelling videos


EMints Program, University of Missouri: Teachers' digital storytelling about their teaching


Guy Ballard, Niles Township High School, Digital Stories


PBS American Family: Multimedia Storytelling


Jason Ohler: digital stories


University of Minnesota: Blog with digital narratives


Jennifer Dorman, Digital Storytelling: Students as Directors of Learning: Slideshare presentation


Cooperating School Districts: Show-Me-A-Movie: digital storytelling contest


Marco Torres: Sample digital storytelling videos


Digital storytelling examples




Open-access Digital Literature Projects


Poetess Archive


Walt Whitman Archive


Rossetti Archive


Emblem Project


Stories from the Web: ages 11-14


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