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Creating Blogs

Page history last edited by Richard Beach 4 years, 2 months ago

Setting up and using blogs


Edublogs: Blogging with Students


Elements of Blogging


A Glossary of Blogging Terminology


Richard Byrne, A Guide to Blogging


Richard Byrne: 7 Tools for Creating Classroom Blogs


Richard Byrne, Blogging for Reluctant Writers: Having Students Share their Ideas Using Sound and Video. The Digital Shift. 


How to Grow a Blog


How to Start an Amazing Class Blog


Sue Waters: The Current State of Educational Blogging


How To Drag and Drop Pictures into Blogger Blog Posts


Creating a Classroom Blog Using SeeSaw


Creating blogs posts that don't rely on text


How to Schedule Blog Posts on Blogger, Edublogs, and Kidblog


Wesley Fryer: Classroom Blogging Options (August 2015)


Five Common Mistakes Made When Starting a Classroom Blog 


Blogging Resources for Teachers, CTQ


Video: The Possibilities of Student Blogging 


Empowering Students Through Blogging, EdTech Magazine 


Introduction to Blogging, Stanford social media course 


Student Blogging Activities That Don't Rely on Texts 


Creating A Classroom Blog on Weebly 


Sue Waters: Getting More Out of Student Blogging


Sue Waters: The State of Educational Blogging in 2013.  The Edublogger


Sue Waters: The State of Educational Blogging in 2012.  The Edublogger


David Boxer: Using Blogger in the classroom


Implementing Blogging in the Classroom: Useful info-graphic download 


Wes Fryer: Playing with Media: Setting up blogs 


Ben Curran & Nell Wetherbee: I Think Therefore I Blog: ebook on using Blogger


Richard Byrne: Tutorials on creating blogs on different platforms 


Videos: Setting up Blogger, Edublog, and Wordpress blogs 


Blogs 101: Introduction to blogging 


Sue Waters: Reflections on teaching blogs


Using of blogging in Minnesota schools


National Writing Project: Using blogs


Vicki Davis: Cool Cat Teacher: Ten Habits of Bloggers that Win


Traci Gardner: Tips on Good Blog Entries


Teachers Teaching Teachers: Elgg Plans: setting up blogs


50 Useful Blogging Tools for Teachers


Lomborg, S.  (2009).  Navigating the blogosphere: Towards a genre-based typology of weblogs.  First Monday, 14(5).


Spiro Bolos: Blogging in the Classroom


Steve Dembo, Teach42: Tips for blogging


Video: Konrad Glowgoski: 2008 NECC presentation: Blogging in the Classroom


Teachers Teaching Teachers: a 15 week blogging curriculum


Anne Davis: 2007 K12 Online Conference: Learn to Blog, Blog to Learn


Blogging4educators: for teachers beginning blogging


Participatory Media Literacy: Blogging Resources


Michigan State University: Blogs for Learning


Jeff Utecht: 2007 K12 Online Conference: Sustaining Use of Blogs in the Classroom


CLTNet: What is a Blog?


Teacher First: Blog Basics


David Warlick: Educators Guide to Blogging



Creating Blogger blogs


Steven Krause: How to Set up a Blogger Blog


16 Useful Twitter Tools for Blogger


Vance Stevens: Tutorial: Creating a blog using Blogger


Tammy Worcester: Using email to submit blog posts to Blogger


Using email to submit posts to Blogger



Creating Edublogs (WordPress)


Edublogger: Getting Started with Edublogs


Creating a Blog using Edublogger, pdf


Joe Freidhof: Screencast tutorials on creating Edublogs


Willard, MO Public Schools: Tutorials on creating EduBlogs


Edublogs: Creating batches of student usernames for Edublogs


Lorelle: Creating blogs in Wordpress


Mike Temple: Using Google Docs to post to Edublogs



Creating books from Wordpress blog posts


Anthologize: Create pdf files of Wordpress blog posts to create books




Embedding files or video into blogs


Shelfster: Collect and organize files for importing into blog posts 


Embedit.in: Embed files or video into blogs, websites, or wikis



Blog creation resources/tools


Blog creation resources


Best Embeds for Blogs or Wikis


Using Firefox tools and plug-ins to enhance blogging


Zemanta: Firefox plug-in for adding content to blogs


Blogs in Education: Using blogs


Blogger&Podcaster Magazine: interaction online magazine


Posterous: Email texts, images, MP3 files for posting on blogs


John Larkin: Using Posterous to email texts and images to a blog


Talkr: add text to voice for blog posts


Generator Blog: blog on image generation for blogs



Blog editors (for composing offline to export to blogs)


Performancing Firefox extension (Windows and Mac)


w.bloggar (Windows)


ecto (Windows and Mac)


Qumana (Windows and Mac)


Windows Live Writer (Windows)


Scribefire: Firefox addon for posting from Firefox


Flock (Windows)


MarsEdit (Mac)


BlogJet (Windows)


Zoundry (Windows)



Adding audio/podcasts or posting from cell phones or Google Docs


Adding audio or podcasts to Blogger blogs


Typepad: Blog It: post to a blog from iPhone


Posting to a blog from Google Docs



Screencasts/Video tutorials on creating blogs


Blogs for Learning: tutorials on creating blogs in Blogger and Wordpress


Slideshare: Setting up Blogger


Creating posts on Wordpress


Adding links and images on Wordpress


Lycos: Qumana editing tools for use with Anglefire blogs



Blog genres and use


M. C. Morgan: Blog genres


Business Week: graphic of global use of blogs


FMG on Demand: Preview video: Online Writing: blogging


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