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Page history last edited by Richard Beach 4 years, 5 months ago

Classroom/School Blogs


How to Start an Amazing Class Blog


Richard Byrne: 5 Reasons to Have a Classroom Blog 

Edublogs: Blogging with Students


English classroom blogs


Creating a Classroom Blog Using SeeSaw


Six Tips for Making the Most of Classroom Blogs


Teacher Tumblr: Hundreds of Tumblr classroom blogs 


Students 2.0: Student blog


Examples of the Best Kids Blogs to Inspire Teens


Pamela Hunnisett: Blogging: Engage the Voice of the Student


Vicky Davis: Cool Cat Teacher blog


Support Blogging: Classroom blogs


Digiteen Dream Team: Student-driven class blog


Blog posts about demographics of Minneapolis neighborhoods



Examples of class blogs


Katie Keogh's student blogs: Waconia High School, Waconia, Minnesota


Katie Keogh's Multigenre Writing Project.docx


Arizona Western College: Bree McGregor's class blog


Mark Ahlness: Room 12


Ms. Angala's Special Education class blog


The Alice Project: Students blogging about Alice in Wonderland


Chris Sloan: The Bulldog


Anne Davis: lots of English/language arts classroom blogs


Room 613, Mike Hetherington, Horace W. Porter School, Columbia, CT, 2005-2006


Mike Hetherington's use of individual blogs in 2006-2007


Chris Burnett: 8th grade students' blogs


Jim Hatten: 10th grade students' blogs


Mabry Middle School's staff blogs


Barbara Ganley's JTerm blog: 100 words a day


Mr. Monson's classroom blog


Westlake High School classroom blogs


Meriwether Lewis Elementary School's staff blogs


Ms. Leake's classroom blog: announcements, assignments, posts


Blogical Minds: descriptions of fifth graders' digital writing


Mike Forsberg and Sue Hein, Maple Grove High School (teacher instructions)


Have Fun With English 2: 5th/6th grade


Canadian math teacher Darren Kuropatwa's class blogs


Room 208 Wells, ME


Buckman Arts Elementary School


5th Grade Writing Arbor Heights Elementary School, Seattle, WA


4th Grade Ms. Kreul Richards Elementary School, Whitefish Bay, WI


Willow Elementary School, Omaha, NE.


5th Grade Planet Willow Elementary School, Omaha, NE.


Pre-Cal 40S Winnipeg, Manitoba


M. C. Morgan: Dayblog: course on blogs/wikis


Gordon Brune


Mark Ahlness: Mighty Writers (3rd grade)


Charger Guys Read


Scribe Post Hall of Fame


Applied Science Research (Newton High School)


Room Twelve Student Blogs (Arbor Heights Elementary)


Mrs. Watts Fourth Grade


English4040, University of Missouri: class blog


Murray Jensen PSTL 1135 Blog, University of Minnesota


Mr. Tubb's Sixth Grade blog


Bob Sprankle: poetry writing blogs


The Galileo Academy of Science and Technology


Seton Hall University: New Media Journalism


Krista Kennedy, Rhetoric 3401, University of Minnesota


2008 Presidential campaign blog



Creating books from Wordpress blog posts


Anthologize: Create pdf files of Wordpress blog posts to create books



Library blogs


Wiki: Library blogs


Library Garden



Youth Organizations


Youth Voices


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